Who needs WordPress?

I am on my way back home from the first day of Codaisseur Academy Traineeship, feeling so full of information that I might explode!

It was a great first day and I realised that I can now build the design of this website myself, without the WordPress template! That’s pretty cool after one day of HTML/CSS training.

As the control-freak student on the night before her/his first day of school, I was quite nervous – I wanted to make sure I anticipated everything, that I had everything ready and I had every minute of my morning planned out. I could go to bed with an easy mind, only to wake up to a typical “I missed my first day of school” nightmare. Luckily it was close to the alarm, so I didn’t lose much sleep.

Feeling relieved, I checked my phone for the weather and realised it was the only thing I did not anticipate – I guess I am not as Dutch as I thought – I forgot to check the weather beforehand. It was going to pour like never before. No panic, just check the busses! Little did I know: on a Sunday morning, the busses in Leiden don’t go!! So, my fully planned idyllic morning was gone. I dug up some rain clothes and thought “this will have to do”.

I was back on schedule with a beautiful rainbow accompanying me on my cycle to the station.

Everything following this went great – I did underestimate the walking distance between TQ and Amsterdam Central Station, but no harm done there.

The day itself was full of knowledge and challenging your brain to keep learning and trying. I feel completely exhausted, but at the same time eager to get a good night’s rest to finish my current project and start with a new one tomorrow!



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