To be completely honest, I don’t have much to report today.

We used everything that we’ve learned so far and took it to a new level by creating Classes and putting them into different .rb files and calling them when necessary.

It required a lot of back-wards thinking, which was quite difficult. I did notice that the less I tried to think about it – the better it went. I wrote down code that felt right and it worked.  Once I looked back to it – I had no idea how it works or how I came up with it.

It was this haze of: I think I get it but I’m not sure if I get it..

Tomorrow we’ll put our Ruby on Rails! I am very excited to see how it all comes together because I understand better when I see the conclusion beforehand.

Reading from right to left just makes much more sense.



2 thoughts on “Mindlessness..”

  1. Lookinmg back at your code and not knowing what the hell you were doing is pretty normal 😛 hence why we comment properly 😉


    1. Looking back at your comments before you post, to check for typos, is also pretty normal my dear! 😀 (as you like to say: just pulling your chain..)


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