Oh wow! What a day!!

Started with a bang and ended with one.

Let’s start with bang number one: FINALLY!

As I hoped for yesterday – I had a major lightbulb moment all day today. It all came together as I expected. All these classes, methods and other fancy words – all make sense now and fit into place. I can now see how my code can be used to make a web app and how all the concepts learned this week (and the month before on my own) come in handy. Amazing!

Bang number two: HACKATHON!

Now that we can actually build something meaningful we have to..*drumroll* something meaningful. So, we sat down with my assigned team mates and started brainstorming. The idea came surprisingly easy, however how to translate it into code took longer than anticipated. After an hour of discussing and figuring out the why and how – we are ready to rock’n’roll. Tomorrow morning we have to pitch our idea and we will have till Saturday to execute.

I am super hyped and cannot wait to get to it!

But first – sleep!!


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