Top 3 – cleanest code!

Hey ya’all!

So, the first 7 days of madness are over!

It was hard work that involved many frustrations, countless eureka moments and a beautiful ending.

We finished the hackathon and *drum roll* we were in the top 3 (out of 7 teams). The first place did an amazing job – their website looked beautiful, it was incredibly useful for many of us and it worked! The second place had also a website with great functionality and a cool demo.

And then it was us! I couldn’t believe my ears, when they acknowledged our work. The reason for us reaching the top 3? They liked our clean and easily readable code and the pretty design (HTML/CSS) – and obviously, a functioning website.

It was a long and exhausting week, but it was all worth it because I learned so much. After 7 days I am able to:

Write programs in Ruby.

Create a functioning website with Ruby on Rails.

Style a webpage in HTML/CSS.

I am very proud of myself and cannot wait to continue to learn more next week!

For now, however, I am going to use my only weekend day to rest up and recharge my batteries, so I am ready for next week and all the back-end development it will bring.


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