First tech meet up!

It’s Friday – Demo Day!

Our website is going well. A lot of hard work was put in this week – late evenings, tiny breaks and a lot of fun! This is the third group I am working in and I must say that team switching is teaching me a lot on how to be flexible in your communication style.

We will have the product, requested by our client, ready by tonight and I will of course show you guys as well.

At the end of the day we had a visit from Springest ( and we learned about their way of working and what they are looking for in a potential Springeteer. We also had The Next Web popping by ( earlier this week, presenting on the same subject.

I find these company pitches really useful as they give us a good image of a day in a real developers’ day. Since I will be on the job market very soon, it’s good to have a heads-up!

On another note: since my life is consumed by learning to code, I decided to take my mind out of it for a few hours and went to a Techionista meet up last night. It was a nice experience – I got to relax my mind by listening to some interesting talks about the Google Research Centre, Robotics and its ethics. I will definitely make a habit of going to these events more.

Alright, Friday, let’s do this!


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