Goodbye Ruby (for now) and Hello JS!

Today, we dove into the world of React and Codaisseur lived up to their promise that it will be a big switch. It was quite hard to follow what happened where and what to do in which .js file.

I have to be honest, I still don’t fully get what’s going on, however that’s also what makes me excited to just sit down on the floor, lay out papers and start drawing/mapping what’s going on.

I’ve learned so far that visualisation helps a lot if you don’t understand what’s going on with your code. Just:

  1. Sit down;
  2. Mince that pig a.k.a start writing down what is happening at each little step;
  3. Reassemble the pig, piece by piece.

I’ve also embraced the magic of debugging, observing the server and last, but definitely not the least, the console. These 3 have helped me find and fix bugs that otherwise took me an entire weekend to figure out (or remained unsolved). Also, fixing problems using the previously mentioned, has made me understand the flow of code much better and gave me a tiny bit of programming-confidence. However, as we all know, confidence in the code-world doesn’t last long! 😉

Let’s hope React hits home soon!

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