Peek into the Job Market

React is going better. I struggled in the beginning, but it’s starting to stick as the lessons go by. For this weeks’ React-project Laura and I started our own multiplayer game and we are determined to wash this piggy (Yes, that’s the game!). As always, I will show the result when I can. This project will last till Saturday evening, which is also the official ending of the classes for this course.

Which brings me to the next subject: the job market. As the course will be done this Saturday, I have already started to look around. I’ve found some opportunities and also had my first interview/chat yesterday. It was a great experience – the guys gave me seriously good advice on how to continue and it’s good to have an image of how the interviews for developers can look like. Less nerves next time! 🙂

I felt a really good connection with this opportunity. It matches perfectly what I am looking for in my job and team. However, it depends on their staff-needs if we can proceed, so I have to wait and in the meanwhile keep trying and keep learning.

Tonight, I will be attending another event/meet-up powered by Google – hoping for some inspiring talks!

See you later!

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