After the finish line.. crazy weeks later and you are looking at a certified Ester!

I started Codaisseur with minimal knowledge of web development and I finished the two months 5kg lighter and tons-of-knowledge heavier. However, having more knowledge makes you realise how much more there is to know and I am convinced that I have made the right choice of profession. I cannot imagine this ever getting boring, because there is so much to learn and this industry just keeps expanding.

I would like to take a moment to thank the Codaisseur team. The two months, especially the last weeks, have been incredibly tough. There has not been a day of rest from code, there has been a minimal amount of sleep, very dry eyes, lot of emotions and even through all of that, coding has still remained fun and exciting. Thank you Codaisseur for putting us through these tough times and teaching us so much, in such a short time.

Also, thank you for the kind words at the Certificate Ceremony. As this was a private event, the words were the following:


We are happy to hear that you chose the right path in your life. We see a real backend developer in you, especially ever time you say: “Don’t look at my styling!”. Also, the test coverage in your projects, is quite impressive.

Please keep being awesome at communicating & explaining your ideas, and how things work. This is a golden skill for any developer!

But the road has just begun and I cannot wait to apply what I have learned in a tight team and build great things together!

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