Final demos and a bright new day!

The very last week of Codaisseur was spent finetuning some of the best projects we’ve made. In my case, it was the continuation of EchtVakantie (the real world project). We added a few extra features, improved stability, did some SEO and made it even more beautiful!

The result? Have a look yourself, maybe you’ll even find a holiday:

As the demos finished, I got hit by a big wave of tiredness from the 2 months – I guess my body knew that the course was over. So, I headed home, had a good night’s sleep and as you can imagine, it was wonderful to enjoy some rest after so much learning and crazy emotions.

I decided to spend the day 50:50. The first 50 for myself and the second 50 for my professional-self. This involved applying for jobs, completing challenges for interested companies and fixing tiny bit of code here and there.

There are some super exciting moments coming up next week, such as important job interviews, meetings and events and I want to go into it with a clear mind and body, so I agreed with myself, that it is important that I start exercising and meditating again – which I did and I feel great! Bee also enjoyed the meditation session, lying on top of me and purring. šŸ™‚

By the end of the weekend I’m sure I will be fully regenerated and ready to rock’n’roll!

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