The last 1.5 weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster. Applying for jobs, having phone, Skype and face-to-face interviews. Meeting new people and of course, continuing to improve on my coding skills, helping out here and there..

Yesterday, however, after an awesome half-a-day on site, I got the long awaited phone call that included the words “We would like to make you an offer!“. You cannot imagine my happiness – after plenty of interviews, this was the company I felt most drawn to. They were open-minded and friendly from the first moment we spoke and continued to be so till the end of the application process. That’s the kind of team I wanted to join and luckily, I have the opportunity to!

Now, I am spending my last days of freedom on organising my life. This includes silly things such as embassy and hair-dressers visits, cleaning up and visiting old colleagues. I walked into the office today and it was like I never left (except for some new faces and interior changes). It felt so good to see the people I spent so much time with the past two years, but it also reminded me that I could not have picked a better road to continue my life on than this one.

As for tonight, I think a little celebration is in order – and what better way to celebrate than with SUSHI!

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