First days back in the office

It’s end of day two at YoungCapital and so far I am extremely happy with my choice. I am still getting to know the company, the people and the culture, but I have a feeling that I will feel right at home very soon.

They are also very kind to me. Instead of throwing me head first into the ocean, they are easing me into their workflow. I find it a very suitable way of learning and appreciate it.

On a more personal note, in the last two days I noticed that I am very insecure about my code. Every time I have to show what I have done, I stutter. Even though my code works and I know I met the requirements, I am scared of saying something stupid. At this point, I prefer to keep my mouth shut – deliver and exceed expectations with results, rather than putting it in words.

I am also appreciating that my life is getting back to normal rhythm – it will take the rest of the week, or maybe even two weeks to get fully back in the working flow, but I can tell already that my body likes it. It’s nice to go home with a feeling that you have worked hard and just relax.

Tonight, we had a Christmas dinner with my study-mates from Codaisseur. It was great to see them all – we did all “suffer” together, thus I appreciate keeping up-to-date on how they are doing. It was nice to see people being excited about code, interviews and getting hired. Even found out that one of my mates will be my colleague in few weeks!

I feel very calm and happy! 🙂

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