Happy Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas Eve and we’re nearing the end of 2016 – it has been a wild ride. I remember everyone (>25 years of age) telling me on my 25th birthday (which closely coincides with new year) that their 25s were amazing. Now that my 25 is almost done, I have to admit that it was indeed an amazing year, involving everything from deep lows to new heights.

I cannot say that 25 was the best year of my life, as the last 6 years have been a crazy, incomparable rollercoaster and have developed me as a person and a professional. However, 25 did match my expectations. In this year, I became an experienced recruiter gaining some serious communication skills, ran into a professional crisis, decided to take a leap and change my career and now here I am – happier than ever, doing what I love.

Every day that I go to work, it doesn’t feel like going to work – it feels like going to a place I enjoy, surrounded by people I like and creating/solving/developing on a daily basis. What more could you ask from a job?

So with all the happiness within me, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and hope that your 2016 was as dandy as mine. If not, make sure to make 2017 a year to remember! 🙂


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