Ask, ask, ask..

Yesterday, we finally got some rest! I must say that my body really needed it. This morning, I woke up energised and ready for a new week. 

Today was a calm day. We started with installations and setup to prepare for the coming two weeks, which will focus on building a webshop. Imaginary friends (the name of my new team) are ready to roll. 

We also got some Agile training and the main lesson learned: “Ask questions from your product manager!” We failed at that in the first agile-game attempt and the can guess. 

On the Second attempt we asked plenty of questions and as a result managed to deliver a much better “product” as we knew better what was wanted from us. 

Now, what will we sell on our webshop?

Top 3 – cleanest code!

Hey ya’all!

So, the first 7 days of madness are over!

It was hard work that involved many frustrations, countless eureka moments and a beautiful ending.

We finished the hackathon and *drum roll* we were in the top 3 (out of 7 teams). The first place did an amazing job – their website looked beautiful, it was incredibly useful for many of us and it worked! The second place had also a website with great functionality and a cool demo.

And then it was us! I couldn’t believe my ears, when they acknowledged our work. The reason for us reaching the top 3? They liked our clean and easily readable code and the pretty design (HTML/CSS) – and obviously, a functioning website.

It was a long and exhausting week, but it was all worth it because I learned so much. After 7 days I am able to:

Write programs in Ruby.

Create a functioning website with Ruby on Rails.

Style a webpage in HTML/CSS.

I am very proud of myself and cannot wait to continue to learn more next week!

For now, however, I am going to use my only weekend day to rest up and recharge my batteries, so I am ready for next week and all the back-end development it will bring.

Code..code everywhere!!

It occurred to me this morning that coding has taken over my life.

I wake up thinking of code.

I do my morning rituals thinking of code.

I eat/drink/commute/work out thinking of code.

Worst of all: I dream of code (though sometimes I solve a problem in my dreams, so that’s quite nice). It has completely hijacked my life at this point – it’s like mad love.

However, my brain has never felt better. It sounds weird but my memory is better and I feel quicker in my head.

We are busy with the hackathon and it’s an amazing learning experience. Everything we learned is put in action and we see where we are lacking – best way to imprint the knowledge obtained last week.

I’m nervous about completing our project in time but I have a good team and we’ll do our best! 🙂



Oh wow! What a day!!

Started with a bang and ended with one.

Let’s start with bang number one: FINALLY!

As I hoped for yesterday – I had a major lightbulb moment all day today. It all came together as I expected. All these classes, methods and other fancy words – all make sense now and fit into place. I can now see how my code can be used to make a web app and how all the concepts learned this week (and the month before on my own) come in handy. Amazing!

Bang number two: HACKATHON!

Now that we can actually build something meaningful we have to..*drumroll* something meaningful. So, we sat down with my assigned team mates and started brainstorming. The idea came surprisingly easy, however how to translate it into code took longer than anticipated. After an hour of discussing and figuring out the why and how – we are ready to rock’n’roll. Tomorrow morning we have to pitch our idea and we will have till Saturday to execute.

I am super hyped and cannot wait to get to it!

But first – sleep!!