Goodbye Ruby (for now) and Hello JS!

Today, we dove into the world of React and Codaisseur lived up to their promise that it will be a big switch. It was quite hard to follow what happened where and what to do in which .js file.

I have to be honest, I still don’t fully get what’s going on, however that’s also what makes me excited to just sit down on the floor, lay out papers and start drawing/mapping what’s going on.

I’ve learned so far that visualisation helps a lot if you don’t understand what’s going on with your code. Just:

  1. Sit down;
  2. Mince that pig a.k.a start writing down what is happening at each little step;
  3. Reassemble the pig, piece by piece.

I’ve also embraced the magic of debugging, observing the server and last, but definitely not the least, the console. These 3 have helped me find and fix bugs that otherwise took me an entire weekend to figure out (or remained unsolved). Also, fixing problems using the previously mentioned, has made me understand the flow of code much better and gave me a tiny bit of programming-confidence. However, as we all know, confidence in the code-world doesn’t last long! 😉

Let’s hope React hits home soon!


End of Week 4!

..and we made it!

As promised, here’s the (almost) finished product: I am very proud of this website and our team – it was a tough ride to build something from just a concept (see image above) to a real product, in such a limited timeframe! We learned incredibly much and had a lot of fun with it.

However, this feeling of bliss will not last for long. Wouter (from Codaisseur) already warned us that next week will be the toughest yet, as we will be taught something completely new and different. While it’s scary, I am extremely curious.

For now, homework for the weekend awaits and cannot wait for Monday!


First tech meet up!

It’s Friday – Demo Day!

Our website is going well. A lot of hard work was put in this week – late evenings, tiny breaks and a lot of fun! This is the third group I am working in and I must say that team switching is teaching me a lot on how to be flexible in your communication style.

We will have the product, requested by our client, ready by tonight and I will of course show you guys as well.

At the end of the day we had a visit from Springest ( and we learned about their way of working and what they are looking for in a potential Springeteer. We also had The Next Web popping by ( earlier this week, presenting on the same subject.

I find these company pitches really useful as they give us a good image of a day in a real developers’ day. Since I will be on the job market very soon, it’s good to have a heads-up!

On another note: since my life is consumed by learning to code, I decided to take my mind out of it for a few hours and went to a Techionista meet up last night. It was a nice experience – I got to relax my mind by listening to some interesting talks about the Google Research Centre, Robotics and its ethics. I will definitely make a habit of going to these events more.

Alright, Friday, let’s do this!


Cows & Vacations!

So, last week Friday, we successfully completed our 2 week project. Get your cows ready, because you can now sell them here:!

On a more serious note, it was a great learning experience and also taught me a lot about team work – not to mention some cow races and other facts about cows.

Now we are onto our new project and this time for REAL. This week’s subject is Real World Projects and I got assigned to a team of 6 and we will build a website for a client. Pressure is on! Our team was divided in two – 4 people for the back-end and 2 for front-end, me being in the latter. I am working with an experienced front-ender and am learning a lot already.

I hope to show some pictures on the progress soon, as I am not sure when it will actually go live.

Girl Power!

As fortune would have it, my team for the project has collapsed in two. It’s me and Laura now.

Both guys in our team had very unfortunate accidents – one of them has a broken arm, the other a leg that’s in pieces. I feel really bad for them.

But as always in business, the show must go on and we are going strong. Luckily, Laura and I work well together and we’re right on schedule with our project.

I also have to admit that I cannot say no to a challenge and thanks to the high workload – we are learning so much more!

I’m excited to continue and finish our project strong!

..where did the time go?


It’s been a few days, hasn’t it? I decided to skip a blog on Monday as I didn’t have much to report besides the usual..

…aaaand now it is Thursday? I just lose myself in the blissful haze of code.

So a quick update – we have been developing our WebShop and adding new features every day such as better layout, testing, more customisation possibilities for the user and so forth.

Also, today was exciting because we can finally show our mom what we’ve been doing a.k.a how to publish our Web Applications on the Internet. As soon as our webshop is showable, I will share the link here as well.

Get your cows ready (you’ll know what I mean once you see it)!

Ask, ask, ask..

Yesterday, we finally got some rest! I must say that my body really needed it. This morning, I woke up energised and ready for a new week. 

Today was a calm day. We started with installations and setup to prepare for the coming two weeks, which will focus on building a webshop. Imaginary friends (the name of my new team) are ready to roll. 

We also got some Agile training and the main lesson learned: “Ask questions from your product manager!” We failed at that in the first agile-game attempt and the can guess. 

On the Second attempt we asked plenty of questions and as a result managed to deliver a much better “product” as we knew better what was wanted from us. 

Now, what will we sell on our webshop?