Who needs WordPress?

I am on my way back home from the first day of Codaisseur Academy Traineeship, feeling so full of information that I might explode!

It was a great first day and I realised that I can now build the design of this website myself, without the WordPress template! That’s pretty cool after one day of HTML/CSS training.

As the control-freak student on the night before her/his first day of school, I was quite nervous – I wanted to make sure I anticipated everything, that I had everything ready and I had every minute of my morning planned out. I could go to bed with an easy mind, only to wake up to a typical “I missed my first day of school” nightmare. Luckily it was close to the alarm, so I didn’t lose much sleep.

Feeling relieved, I checked my phone for the weather and realised it was the only thing I did not anticipate – I guess I am not as Dutch as I thought – I forgot to check the weather beforehand. It was going to pour like never before. No panic, just check the busses! Little did I know: on a Sunday morning, the busses in Leiden don’t go!! So, my fully planned idyllic morning was gone. I dug up some rain clothes and thought “this will have to do”.

I was back on schedule with a beautiful rainbow accompanying me on my cycle to the station.

Everything following this went great – I did underestimate the walking distance between TQ and Amsterdam Central Station, but no harm done there.

The day itself was full of knowledge and challenging your brain to keep learning and trying. I feel completely exhausted, but at the same time eager to get a good night’s rest to finish my current project and start with a new one tomorrow!


How BeeBytes came to Bee..

a.k.a. How did my dreams change from Broadway to Web Development.

Just like many of us, I was never too clear on who I want to be when I grow up. When I was somewhere between the end of kindergarden and 1st grade in school, which in Estonia is around the age of 7, there were many options:

  • Musical actress – I really loved Disney Princesses and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s  work. My long singing sessions must have given my parents quite some headaches.
  • A cashier at a grocery store – This childhood dream vanished quite quickly after I found out that cashiers don’t get free food from the store.
  • President of the Estonian Bank – I must admit, this one stayed with me for quite a bit.

However, something much cooler happened:

My parents bought our very first computer. It was amazing – if I remember correctly it had 4GB of disk space, 128MB of RAM and the monitor could have been used as a weapon to crush a good sized Frostbite Spider from Skyrim.

It was perfect! I spent hours watching my parents playing games on it, learned the wonders of (dial up) Internet, found out how to play games without inserting the game CD and so forth.

My school played a big part as well. I used to spend hours in our computer lab just surfing around on the Internet. Little did I know, it was also the place where I was exposed to code for the first time. Unfortunately, all I remember of it were 2 guys who spent hours writing some colourful gibberish on the black screen.

In my final year of high school, I finally got a taste of code for myself. While I could understand the logic of it and found it fascinating and extremely cool, I was not so good at writing code. I decided that I am not smart enough to be in IT and focused on pursuing a degree in something less technical: Economics, and established myself as a Recruiter.

Now, quite some years later (and after some serious work on self-esteem), the coding itch returned. I started looking around to see what my options are to give coding a real shot.

After some research on different options, invaluable support and advice from friends, family and colleagues,  I decided to accept the challenge and enrol at Codaisseur Academy for an intensive Web Developer training. I am extremely happy to be accepted and thus will start my code-journey on the 2nd of October, which I will share with you through this blog.

Till then..